now,i know what i should do if i take civil eng..oh God,i must do fieldwork..huhu...i dont like to look my face will be burn anymore..enough at school only,my face burn ..first,we do linear surveying..i think its not difficult actually...after finished,sir coming n said that we should not do the fieldwork at the main road..huhu..for the second time we survey..lastly,we finished up...

for the next week we do the traversing survey..4 the first time i use the theodolite and reflector...actually,im not understand what sir explain about how to setting it n how to take the reading..im juz taking the pictures..haha

now,im get ready to go the fieldwork,im so confused about the using of theodolite...u know what,our picket was missing..but,we ask sir,sir said that,tomorrow u can do again..Friday morning,we do the traversing,only sya was absent because she go the exhibition at kl.at the day im so sick with pity my bf injured when playing the volleyball..im cannot visit him ..besides that,my gum so sick because my teeth want 2 grow up..

next,we do the fieldwork..so hot...i feel im so burn..huhu..after finished,we repeat again because had some mistakes..we repeat 4 times to get it..when the friday prayer times,me n husna struggle to the the bes to complete our mission,,,fuyoo..the sun hated me so much..im so hottttttt...lastly,after1 hours waiting 2 the sir 2 get his sign...we got the full mark 4 the fieldwok n get4 extra mark...im so proud with my team group even thought my face was burn...

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